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Friend of woman missing in Miami condo collapse prays for miracle

Cassondra Stratton and more than 150 others are still unaccounted for after the Thursday morning collapse.

SURFSIDE, Fla. — A friend of one of the missing in the Miami-area condo collapse is hoping for a miracle. 

Cassondra Stratton is the wife of Mike Stratton, a prominent political strategist from Durango. She and more than 150 others are still unaccounted for after the Thursday morning collapse of the 12-story building in Surfside. Nine are confirmed dead after days of searching through rubble.

"Right now we have to surrender all control and give the whole situation to God and the rescue workers who are working tirelessly around the clock and just put our complete faith and trust in them," Cassondra Stratton's friend Laraine Memola said. "That is the only thing we have left is faith and and belief and our trust that there can be a miracle."

Memola met Cassondra back in 2010 through a mutual friend, the late Gia Allemand, a reality TV contestant.

"We attended New York events together. Cassondra and I and Gia," Memola said. "[Cassondra] was always positive, always upbeat. Oh, she loved to dance."

While it's been years since Memola has seen Stratton in person she said the pair have kept in touch via social media. Memola prays for the day more memories could be made. 

"I am hoping for a miracle and I'm hoping we can reunite and dance again and dance the night away," she said.

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Mike Stratton released the following statement Friday: 

"Thank you to everyone who has reached out and is keeping Cassie in their thoughts and prayers, but most of all to the brave men and women working around the clock in unimaginable conditions to bring her and others home. Our family is forever grateful. Cassie is a wife, mother and true friend to so many. She brings a vivacious love of life to everything she does—whether as an actress, model or Pilates instructor. Thank you again for your continued prayers."