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2 Central City firefighters remembered

Cody and Shelby Allen were found dead Dec. 11. The coroner said they died from carbon monoxide poisoning at their home.

CENTRAL CITY, Colo. — It doesn't matter that it's snowing outside. It doesn't matter that COVID is forcing people to have to view the funeral at the Gilpin County Fairgrounds like a drive-in movie. What matter is people like Sarah Lawrence are here.

"Shelby was somebody that I got to know through playing volleyball with her up here in our community," Lawrence said. "She was the best volleyball player in the league without question."

Lawrence and others are braving the elements to honor Cody and Shelby Allen. Married a little more than three years ago, the Allens were Central City Firefighters who died at their home on December 11 from carbon monoxide poisoning.

"Cody Robert Allen was not just a firefighter for Central City Fire, but he was also my nephew who I loved like a son," Chief Gary Allen, Central City Fire, said.

Allen said Cody and Shelby loved their dogs. They loved their horses. They loved each other.

"The two were married and they were never apart from that day on," Chief Allen said.

At age 29, Cody was a natural teacher, according to Shelby's Stepfather Jeff Lorenz.

Watch the full memorial service for Cody and Shelby Allen:

"One of the best qualities Cody had was he had the patience of a saint," Lorenz said.

At age 27, Shelby was a great friend according to Amile Collins.

"I'd always vow to keep her safe if she kept me wild," Collins said. "She was my person, the glue that held me together when I needed it the most."

Unfortunately, these two firefighters show carbon monoxide poisoning can happen to anyone.

"We can keep them in our hearts and move forward," Lee Ramsey, friend, said. "I want you to remember they're fallen, but not forgotten."

Even outside in the snow, remembering is all that really matters.

"It's a tragedy and it's a loss to our whole community," Lawrence said.

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