CLEAR CREEK — Going for a bike ride is something Mike Raber has loved his whole life.

“It’s just as much fun now in my 70s, and I started when I was 4-years-old,” Raber said.

Living in Clear Creek the cycling is stunning, but like many other places around Colorado often has a hidden dangers with debris on the roads.

”There’s gravel, there’s small stones, nails, glass,” Raber said.

Debris like that can cause accidents or flat tires.

Public works can clear some of it but not all of it. That’s why Mike decided to mix his bike with a trailer and a leaf blower to blast debris right off the road while he’s riding.

“This is my invention of a bike vehicle sweeper and it’s designed to get rid of debris that collects in the bike lanes and safety shoulders,” Raber said. “What I have noticed is that a lot of cyclists will not ride over debris in the safety shoulders.”

He says the leaf blower, a special tipped nozzle and the trailer all cost around $800, which help keep bike lanes clear of debris.

He even entered his idea into C-DOTS RoadX Challenge. And while he didn’t win, Raber says just like people should share the road he’s hoping people share his debris bike blowing plan.

Renoux 2_1499863104069.PNG
Mike Raber's bike vehicle sweeper
Matt Renoux

“Essentially doing an adopt a road kind of idea,” Raber said.

It’s just one way to help keep Colorado cycling as safe as it is beautiful.