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Club Q employees concerned about how owner will distribute donations after shooting

The club plans to start distributing money to staff on Friday.

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — The owner of Club Q raised more than $50,000 on GoFundMe after the shooting in November, and now employees have some concerns about how the money will be distributed. 

In a statement posted on Facebook Monday, Club Q shared the formula that will be used to determine how much each employee will receive. The formula is based on the average amount of money someone made per month, and then the club will distribute up to three months' wages in a single payment.

Club Q management said it plans to start distributing money to employees on Friday. 

On GoFundMe, the owner of Club Q said donations would be used to ensure staff don't suffer financial hardship, to remodel the bar, and to build a memorial for the victims. 

"It is not about rebuilding a bar," said Ashtin Gamblin, who worked the front door the night of the shooting. "The community right now is not for rebuilding a bar. The staff and employees are not about rebuilding a bar. We are trying to heal as a whole."

Club Q's statement on Facebook brings up several other funds, including the Colorado Healing Fund, that raised money to support victims and families of those killed. 

The Compassion Fund plans to give money to loved ones of those killed in the shootings, those who were injured by gunshot wounds, those who suffered some other type of physical injury, and those who were present at Club Q at the time of the shooting and experienced psychological trauma as a result. The deadline to file an application for this fund is March 8.

For the GoFundMe started by the owner of Club Q, employees think staff should get 75% of the money raised. They believe the bar's plan is far less than that.

"As someone who has done numerous fundraisers after the tragedy, I did not put in blood, sweat, tears and my own money to help raise money for a building," said Tiara Kelley, a producer at Club Q. "Just as many of the people who donated did not donate to a building, but to people."

Gamblin was shot nine times. She got some money from the Colorado Healing Fund but she said it's just not enough. She said she had a full time job and then worked at Club Q part time. After the shooting, she can't work.

"When we do the math it doesn't even equate to $100 per bullet," said Gamblin. "And I think it speaks in it of itself that our owner isn't willing to give a somewhat decent amount to the one staff member who was working and injured that did survive."

Club Q in its statement online said their goal is to make sure employees don't suffer a loss of income. Gamblin worries it still won't be enough. 

"He needs to step up and start advocating and supporting his employees," she said.

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