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After Club Q shooting, friends, family gather on Thanksgiving to heal, find support

After an incredibly difficult week, the holiday marks a time of reflection for those affected by the Club Q shooting to come together and be with loved ones.

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — Colorado Springs is a community in mourning. After an incredibly difficult week following the Club Q shooting, the holiday marks a time of reflection to come together and be with loved ones.

"It’s nice to see that in the community, to see everyone linking up," said Nicholas Watson. "Everyone is feeling the same negative feelings that I am, and we bond over that."

In a week filled with far too many questions, Watson finds healing in his community. He works at Rico’s Café in downtown Colorado Springs where he hosted an open mic night to bring people together.

"It brings us together so fast when something like this happens," said Watson. "We’re doing a special open mic that’s loud and proud. We’re trying to get as many members of the community to show up and just have an opportunity to speak their mind."

The shooting at Club Q happened just days before Thanksgiving. Now people are leaning on one another to get through this challenging time. 

"Honestly, everything I’ve heard so far is Friendsgiving after Friendsgiving. Groups of people trying to make sure nobody is alone," said Watson.

Hysteria Brooks helped organize a Friendsgiving at a Colorado Springs church Thursday. Club Q was supposed to host a gathering today before the shooting changed everything.

"Space to be able to break bread with each other and be able to remember our friends that we've lost and some of our friends that are still fighting," said Brooks. 

From coming together in a coffee shop to finding love around a dinner table, healing is everywhere.

"We hope that through all of this community and all of these events and through all of this support, that maybe we’re lightening the cloud a little for people," said Watson. "So maybe at least they have something to hold on to while they’re grieving and getting through it."

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