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'I never imagined anything like this': Man shot at Club Q recovering at hospital

"Being in here I could not go to any vigils," Anthony said. "They took everything away, as if they were trying to take my life as well."

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — One of the 18 people injured in the shooting at Club Q Saturday said the club was "a safe space that we could all gather in."

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Anthony, who did not give his last name, spoke Tuesday from Penrose Hospital, where he is recovering after being hit several times by shrapnel.

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“I never imagined anything like this, because I’ve had a lot of hope and pride in Club Q. It was like family, and that’s what they have always stated, that this is your home. This is your safe haven. Safe space," he said.

Anthony said two of his friends, Derrick Rump and Daniel Aston, were killed in the shooting. 

"I lost two of my dear friends in the shooting, and being in here I could not go to any vigils," he said. "They took everything away, as if they were trying to take my life as well. We had a safe space that we could all gather in. That we felt comfortable. And we always went back."

Anthony said he felt lucky that his spouse, Jeremy, had stayed home that night. Anthony said he had gone to the club by himself, and met two other people there who also ended up being victims in the shooting.

He was near the front of the building when the shooting started. 

Before that, he said, “Everybody was having fun. Music was playing. Everybody was talking and laughing, just like always.”

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Anthony said Jeremy was waiting for him when he got to the hospital.

"As I was laying there in the club, I didn’t know if I’d ever get to hug him again," Anthony said. "I didn’t know how extensive my wounds were. I didn’t know what had happened to me. And all I did is I called him and I told him, 'There was a shooting. I’ve been involved. I’m okay.' And I went to the hospital and he was there."

The couple has been together for 14 years. Jeremy said when he got the call, his first thought was, "I just need to get to him. He needs to be OK.” 

Centura said seven people were taken to Penrose Hospital after the shooting. Three of them, including Anthony, are still being treated there. Anthony said his goal is to get home for Thanksgiving. 

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