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Colorado driver license offices can issue driver’s licenses again

Due to "technical issues," Colorado driver license offices couldn't issue driver's licenses, instruction permits or identification cards for much of the day on Monday.
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Due to “technical issues,” Colorado driver license offices couldn't issue driver’s licenses, instruction permits or identification cards for much of the day on Monday.

The Colorado Department of Revenue first tweeted:

"Colorado driver license offices are unable to issue driver licenses, instruction permits and identification cards due to technical issues. We currently have no estimated time of recovery. Online services are also unavailable at this time."

...but online services were actually working. Lawrence Pacheco, director of communications for Colorado Department of Revenue, said that part of the tweet was not accurate.

Pacheco also said the issue was with a vendor and employees at license offices couldn't take pictures until the issue was fixed. The systems were back up and running by 3 p.m. on Monday.

Pacheco said this issue is unrelated to the problems from last week that are still being worked on.

Sarah Werner with the Colorado Division of Motor Vehicles said the current DMV system was having issues working with a national database to check a car's history to make it's not stolen or totaled in another state.

This would prevent people who were trying to get permanent plates to not have a match. Employees are also checking more records manually, so it's taking longer.

Werner also said DMVs were processing around 26,000 more titles in August than they usually do, partially because so many people bought cars after our recent hail storms.

The state said the issues started after the DMV's technology upgrade earlier this month, but did not confirm if that was the reason or if it because of another technical glitch.

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