UTAH, USA — If you meet a guy in Colorado who claims he caught a fish as big as a toddler, for once, he might not actually be telling a fisherman’s tale.

Matt Smiley, a Colorado man, is now in Utah’s record books after catching a 48-inch trout at Flaming Gorge Reservoir last month.  

He’s the state’s catch-and-release state record holder for lake trout. As you can see from the photos … it’s a pretty darn big fish.

Flaming Gorge Reservoir
Utah Division of Wildlife
RECORD FISH: Matt Smiley caught and released this 48-inch lake trout at Flaming Gorge last month. He's now the current catch-and-release state record holder for lake trout! 👏 See a list of Utah's...

Flaming Gorge National Recreation Area is located near the Wyoming border in northeastern Utah. The Utah Division of Wildlife Resources says there might be some even bigger trout in the water there, for what it’s worth.

This 48-inch trout is larger than Colorado’s record for lake trout. That was set at Morrow Point Reservoir with a 46 7/8” fish, according to the Colorado Parks and Wildlife website.

According to CPW, the biggest recorded fish ever caught and released in the Centennial state was a 58” tiger muskie at Quincy Reservoir.

To put these big fish into perspective, 9NEWS Digital Content Director Misty Montano is roughly 5’ tall. This muskie is almost as tall as her!

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