SUMMIT COUNTY, Colo. — Let us introduce you to Colorado’s Symphony No. 70.

By 70, we mean Interstate 70. And by symphony, we mean people stuck in ski traffic having a little bit of fun with their car horns in the Eisenhower tunnel.

The video above comes from Bobbi Kennedy, who said the “solidarity in the tunnel” made the four-hour drive from Broomfield to Arapahoe Basin worth it.


Traffic is always pretty bad going to and from the mountains on any weekend, but it was epically so on this one. That’s thanks to a winter storm that brought so much fresh powder that Vail’s lift lines literally looked like Disneyland … and also enough snow to really make things like driving hard even for natives. 

Vail line
Vai lines courtesy of Bradley Nardick
Bradley Nardick

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There was a long closure on Friday, and intermittent closures throughout the weekend due to everything from wrecks to avalanche blasting.

But, many folks said that the fresh powder was worth it. And hey: there are worse things than being stuck in traffic because you get to do something really fun in the mountains. 

A big thank you to Kennedy and all the folks in the tunnel who managed to make the most out of what Coloradans agree can be a frustrating situation! That's an attitude we all need more of. 

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