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Blocking bike lanes in Denver will cost you double in parking violation fees

The city said it ties into their goal to support safety and mobility for all.

DENVER — The city of Denver has increased certain parking violations in order to encourage good driving behavior as well as safety for walked and bike riders. The new fines went into effect on Feb. 1. 

Drivers that now park or block a bike lane, sidewalk or crosswalk could now face a $65 fine, that's up from the $25 drivers had to pay in years past. 

The city said it ties into their goal to support safety and mobility for all.

"If public safety isn't enough hopefully this is enough to motivate people to not do that and also share the space that we have to share," Harmony Batton said. "It can be dangerous. I definitely like almost gotten clipped a couple of times."

Batton, who works at Z Cycle shop in Denver, hopes now that the fines are in effect, that they are enforced. The horror stories they often hear of bicycle versus cars on Denver streets are troubling.

"For a period of time we had someone working here who worked in a bike law office so we had a lot of people who came in and they'd be like I get hit by this car, this is how it happened and we'd hear a bunch of stories," she explained. "That’s why the bike lanes are there so we can have that space available for everybody." 

Denver expects to collect an additional $6.4 million with the new fines. The city said the money will be placed into a special revenue fund for mobility and safety improvements.

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