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Colorado nonprofit helping children orphaned in Ukraine

The organization said it’s becoming harder to get people to pay attention to what’s happening in Ukraine after so many months of war.

BERTHOUD, Colo. — The farmland in rural Weld County is quiet -- a big change from the sounds of war Oksana Horbunova and her family are used to hearing at their home in Kyiv, Ukraine.

"It’s just a totally different life for us right now," Horbunova said. "Even kids get used to sleeping with the air sirens. That is what was interesting for us being in America. It is quite nice. You don’t have the air sirens."

For three weeks now, Horbunova and her two kids have toured around America, raising awareness of the war in Ukraine and collecting donations for orphans who’ve lost their parents. They're now staying in Berthoud as they spend time in Colorado. 

As the war continues, she’s noticed people have begun to stop paying attention.

"I was receiving hundreds of messages from my friends: 'How can we help? How can we help?' But now it’s going down," Horbunova said.

She works with a Berthoud, Colorado-based nonprofit called Ukraine Orphan Outreach. They’re now building a new shelter in Ukraine to help orphans who’ve had to leave their homes.

Horbunova's 16-year-old daughter, Kristina, also made the trip with her. After more than seven months of war, she said she’s no longer scared of the missiles and sirens and violence she sees at home.

"It’s hard for everyone, but people are so brave and strong," Kristina Horbunova said. "Every moment could be the last."

In Colorado, they share their story with the hope that no one looks away from what’s happening at home.

"I’m proud to be Ukrainian," Horbunova said. "I really believe that our country will win this war and will show to the rest of the people what it means to fight against the evil and survive."

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