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Colorado Parks & Wildlife official talks about elk birth

Lauren Truitt from Colorado Parks & Wildlife official spoke with 9NEWS Wednesday morning about the elk birth at Lookout Mountain in Golden, Colorado.

KUSA — GOLDEN - People from around the world have tuned into 9NEWS' live camera of a pregnant cow elk on Lookout Mountain in Golden.

The pregnant elk has been in labor since Tuesday evening.

WATCH LIVE: Cow Elk in labor on Lookout Mountain

Many people are wondering, is this the normal length of an elk in labor?

"This is a little bit longer than we would anticipate seeing, but as in any birthing process, they're all unique," said Colorado Parks & Wildlife's Lauren Truitt in an interview with 9NEWS Wednesday morning. "You can't predict exactly how they're going to go or how they're going to look."

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Watchers online have seen the female elk stand up, move and lie back down repeatedly.

"It is normal," says Truitt. "Again, like any birthing process, it's what feels comfortable at that moment in time. We've seen animals give birth standing up. You also see them give birth laying down, so it is what is in that moment what feels best or what works best for her."

Several watchers have asked us if Colorado Parks & Wildlife will intervene in the birthing process if necessary.

"We won't intervene," says Truitt. "We won't assist. This is a very natural process that happens thousands of times a year."

"Colorado boasts one of the largest elk herds in the world. It's a very natural process. I know that's not the answer a lot of people want to hear right now -- that we're going to let this mama do her thing and let it be -- but we have to remember that this is a wild animal and we have a responsibility to keep them wild."

"The unique part is that we're getting a unique view into that wild world but we're observers only," Truitt added.

WATCH LIVE: Cow Elk in labor on Lookout Mountain