COLORADO, USA — Colorado surpassed $1 billion in marijuana revenue since adult-use marijuana sales began in 2014, according to the Colorado Department of Revenue (CDOR)’s monthly report for marijuana sales and revenue data.

Marijuana revenue supports statewide efforts such as licensing and regulation of legal marijuana businesses, youth prevention efforts, behavioral health treatment, protecting public health and safety, and coordination across state agencies, the report states. 

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Revenue funds Colorado Department of Education programs including the Building Excellent Schools Today (BEST) capital construction assistance fund, and the Early Literacy Competitive Grant Program, School Health Professional Grant Program and the School Bullying Prevention and Education Grant Program, the report states.

The Colorado Department of Human Services uses marijuana revenue funds to support community behavioral health programs including mental health services for juveniles and adults, crisis services, criminal justice diversion, the Circle Program, substance use disorder and detoxification services. 

Funds also support Mental Health Institutes at Pueblo and Fort Logan and Tony Grampsas Youth Services Program, the report states, which is a collection of community based programs that target youth and their families for prevention and intervention services in the effort to reduce incidents of youth crime and violence, to prevent youth marijuana use, and prevent child abuse and neglect.

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Colorado has 2,917 licensed marijuana businesses and 41,076 individuals who are licensed to work in the industry