The Great Escape Mustang Sanctuary in Deer Trail is opening the door for wild horse adoption across the United States.

To help rescue wild horses, the sanctuary is partnering with the Bureau of Land Management and the Mustang Heritage Foundation, making the horses available for adoption across the country.

The BLM supplies the sanctuary with captured horses, and sanctuary founder Michelle Sander and her crew train and prepare them for adoption.

"I think keeping them as a prized part of our society is important," Sander said.

The partnership between the sanctuary, the BLM and the Mustang Heritage Foundation is a unique one.

Typically, the process for adopting wild horses from the BLM is one clouded in red tape and restrictions.

The partnership allows Great Escape Mustang Sanctuary to act as an intermediary, easing the restrictions and allowing for a smoother adoption process for people across the country.

“Our goal is to find every horse a home, every horse that finds a home is (a) good for the horse and (b) good for the BLM as a whole because it’s a financial strain on our budget to be holding horses," BLM spokesperson Steve Leonard said.

Leonard says he hopes Sander's program creates a blueprint for similar partnerships across the country that will find new homes for thousands of captured horses. The move would also save taxpayer dollars, which are currently spent on holding horses in captivity

"It’s good for everybody -- and it’s great for the horses," Leonard said.

On Tuesday, the sanctuary received its first set of nine horses to be trained and prepared for adoption. They anticipate more horses to be delivered next week.

“To have a program where we have the training available where we can get these horses to go to a new home is super important,” Sander said.

Any horses that prove to be too difficult to train and not fit for adoption will be allowed to live out their life with the other horses at the sanctuary.

The BLM will also host adoption events at the sanctuary.

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