The mental health of the man who has admitted to opening fire at a Colorado Springs Planned Parenthood in Nov. 2015, that left three people dead and nine wounded, was discussed in a status hearing Tuesday.

Robert Dear walked into court Tuesday, wearing a blue jumpsuit, with an outburst: "Let's go over the facts again ... Martinez [the courtroom judge] sealed all my records ... [inaudible] ... In the nut house, forcibly medicated me and now will do censorship on the media."

Dear was referencing a motion to stop him from contacting the media.

In court, attorneys argued over which records should be released from the state mental hospital where Dear has been receiving treatment after he was found not competent to stand trial in May.

In addition to Dear's case, victims of the shooting are suing Planned Parenthood at a civil case in Denver. Attorneys for both sides of the civil case appeared in court Tuesday.

The judge in Dear's case will decide if any mental health records will be released for the civil trial at Dear's next competency hearing on Nov. 17.

Neither the defense nor prosecution want to release any of the records to civil trial attorneys as they say it will interfere with his right to a fair trial.

During attorney arguments, Dear had a second outburst: "I'm going to release the abortion pictures of all the babies that have been slaughtered. That is what I'm going to release."

There is also a motion to stop Dear from contacting the media. The decision date for this motion has been pushed back to Nov. 17.

During previous court appearances, Dear has been responsible for bizarre outbursts, calling himself a “warrior for the babies.” He told investigators he had believed the FBI had been following him for years, and that he came to Colorado partially for the legal marijuana.

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The 57-year-old faces more than 179 counts of murder, attempted murder, assault and other charges in the Nov. 27, 2015 attack.

All three of the people killed in the attack were parents.

Officer Garrett Swasey, 44, worked for the University of Colorado – Colorado Springs Police Department. He rushed to the scene to help after the shooting was reported, and leaves behind a wife and two children.

Jennifer Markovsky, 36, also died in the shooting and had two young children. She was originally from Hawaii, and was at the clinic that day to support a friend.

Ke’Arre Stewart, 29, also had two children and was at the clinic to give emotional support. He was an Iraq War veteran who recently left the military.