After police shootings in Louisiana and Minnesota, and the shooting of police in Dallas, America is talking about race again.

A topic that may be difficult to discuss for some, but for others like Vern Howard from the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr Holiday Commission, it’s passionate.

“We’re all one race, the human race and so it sickens me to think that we still in the 21st Century are fighting the same battles,” said Howard.

Business owners like Ryan Frazier says the talk has him thinking too.

“I know from everything I’m seeing and hearing, the country’s divided and that’s unfortunate because these are the times where we have to unify as a people,” said Frazier.

And for University of Colorado Associate Professor for Ethnic Studies Hillary Potter, the subject has many facets.

“Race relations today are complex and complicated in a different way,” Potter said. “It’s also going to take our lawmakers to make sure that we are all protected as citizens and that we do truly all have equal rights,”

That’s why here in Colorado, these leaders are concerned but say positive solutions are key to get us all thinking on the same page.

“When you humanize each other, and that comes from conversations and relationships, then we can ultimately come together and we can solve a lot of these tensions through that,” said Frazier.