The under-construction building that went up in flames on Wednesday was supposed to be an 85-unit apartment building off Emerson Street, according to the Denver Planning Commission.

The structure, named Emerson Place Apartments, was destroyed after a fire broke out at the building at the intersection of 18th and Emerson in Denver's North Capitol Hill neighborhood.

9NEWS spoke with Matthew Gehrke, the general counsel for Emerson Place's developer Allante Properties. Gehrke said the top floor framing for the structure was done.

The apartment building was scheduled to be finished in the next few months -- around July or August. It was adjacent to Denver Community Recreation.

Emerson Place would have been comprised of mostly studios or micro-units, according to the site development plan. Eighty one parking spaces were included in the plan.

The cause of the fire remains under investigation. Greg Pixley, a spokesperson for the Denver Fire Department, said there will be a “long, aggressive” search of the building over the next few hours.

The body of one person was found in the debris, Pixley told the media during an afternoon press conference. One person is still unaccounted for.

Police have already taken 100 witness statements about the blaze, and are asking anyone they haven't spoken to yet to call 720-337-2000 to talk to the Denver Fire Department's investigation division.

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