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Coroner releases autopsy report in DeWild case

JEFFERSON COUNTY - The Jefferson County coroner says it is impossible to determine how Heather DeWild died, because her body was too decomposed when it was found.

DeWild was the 30-year-old mother of two from Edgewater who disappeared last year, one week before her divorce was final. Her autopsy report was made public Monday morning. DeWild's body was found in September 2003 along U.S. 6 west of Golden in a shallow grave. Investigators have told 9NEWS her estranged husband Daniel DeWild and his twin brother David DeWild are the only suspects in the case. Neither has been arrested. The autopsy report shows that "the loss of soft tissue around her face and neck make it impossible to determine whether she suffocated or was strangled."The report also says DeWild did suffer "skull fractures" and "extensive fracturing of the facial bones" but they happened after her death. The Edgewater Police who are investigating the case told 9NEWS Monday morning that they continue to work on the case and are still very hopeful there will be an arrest soon. Heather DeWild's two children are in the custody of her parents.

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