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CPW: 'Inconclusive evidence' Red Feather Lakes bear attack occurred

CPW originally thought a bear trampled a family of four while they were in their tent camping in the area. Later, they said it was just the adult male who was allegedly trampled. Now, they said there isn't enough evidence to determine the bear attack occurred in the first place.

Colorado Parks and Wildlife said Friday there is "inconclusive evidence" that a bear attack occurred on June 6 in the Red Feather Lakes Area.

According to CPW's original release from June 6, a family was attacked while camping in the dispersed camping area north of Larimer County.

However, CPW later determined that it was not the whole family, but just the adult male who the bear allegedly trampled in the middle of the night while he was in the tent. The adult female called emergency services from the car to report the alleged bear attack, CPW spokesperson Travis Duncan told 9NEWS.

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It was unclear where the two children were at that time, Duncan said. The adult man was taken to the hospital and later released.

CPW said officers conducted a thorough investigation into the claims, including setting bear traps, using specialized tracking hounds and searching for physical evidence, but were unable to find the bear.

"It has been determined that there is inconclusive evidence that a bear attack occurred and there has been no visual sighting of an animal in or around the area," CPW said in its release.

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CPW said it is closing the investigation, and that there has been no talk of charges being filed against the family for making the claim.

"It's unclear whether a bear attack occurred, or he was just confused," Duncan said.

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