BRECKENRIDGE - David Dellamora and the Summit County Rescue Group have turned the Colorado Mountain College Breckenridge campus parking lot into a backcountry avalanche simulation.

Rescue teams from around the state are learning how to locate a person buried in the snow using beacons, or probe poles during the 29th annual rescue conference.

“With rapid deployment we can be on scene anywhere between 12 and 15 minutes,“ Dellamora said.

It’s important work in a season that’s brought so much snow.

“We will start to see more and wider spread avalanches around the state,” Dellamora said.

January already saw 15 avalanche deaths nationwide and typically the more dangerous and bigger slides happen in late February, March, April and even into May.

It’s why volunteer rescue teams are spending their weekend practicing skills they hope they won’t need, but know will eventually be put to the test,

“We take a tremendous of pride in this county in responding as quickly as possible,” Dellamora said.

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