It's been a busy week for one Colorado State University student who was barred from coming back to the United States because of President Trump's temporary travel ban.

Hanan Isweiri is a Libyan who has been living legally in Fort Collins with her family since 2010 as she works toward her Ph.D at CSU.

In mid-December, she traveled back to her home country to care for her ailing parents, but was unable to return once the temporary ban was instated.

That changed Friday when a federal judge from Seattle granted a temporary restraining order on the ban.

It allowed a window for Hanan to fly to Boston on Saturday where she was detained by immigration officials.

They eventually granted her a flight back to Denver on Sunday.

“I am very happy. I am very happy,” Hanan’s husband Ahmed Buhalfaya said as he waited with his three children in DIA for her arrival.

“[My classmates] said they were going to pray for my mom,” added Ahmed’s youngest daughter.

As Hanan ascended the escalator to the main lobby, her kids rushed to her. A tearful embrace followed.

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“It was a very tough experience,” Hanan said. “It's really, really great to be home.”

Hanan and her family plan on staying in Fort Collins until she graduates with her PhD from CSU.

Afterward they say they plan to move back to Libya.