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Deer rescued by his antlers from icy reservoir in Lakewood

Dive teams rescued a very cold, and rather frosty, deer from a reservoir in Lakewood during Sunday's snowstorm.
West Metro Fire Rescue helped rescue a deer who had become too tired to safely get off an icy reservoir. (Photo: West Metro Fire Rescue)

During Sunday's snowfall, a deer found himself in quite a pickle.

Lakewood Animal Control got a call about a deer who had become too tired to move from frigid water at Main Reservoir in Lakewood.

Luckily for the deer, West Metro Fire Rescue's Dive Team came to the rescue!

The team broke a path in the ice, grabbed onto one of the deer's antlers, and guided the snow-covered creature to shore.

Once safely on shore, he warmed up in a Lakewood Police Animal Control van with the help of some cozy blankets.

Nice work, Lakewood and West Metro!

Check out the entire rescue in this photo gallery: