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144 retail shops affected after Denver business recalls marijuana due to potentially unsafe mold, yeast levels

Bonsai Cultivation is recalling several products, including flower, shake, trim and pre-rolls, over concerns of potentially elevated mold and yeast levels.

DENVER — A Denver-based marijuana company has voluntarily recalled multiple products widely sold throughout Colorado over concerns of elevated mold and yeast levels detected recently. 

According to a release from the Denver Department of Public Health & Environment (DDPHE), multiple samples of dried marijuana from Bonsai Cultivation, including flower, shake, trim and pre-rolls, were evaluated and contained potentially unsafe levels of yeast/mold. 

Health impacts resulting from inhalation exposure to mold or yeast may exist depending on the specific product, duration, frequency, and level of exposure, DDPHE said.

Bonsai Cultivation released a statement Tuesday that reads:

"The City of Denver recently found unsatisfactory levels of microbials in a random sample of cannabis plant material from Bonsai Cultivation, and so Bonsai Cultivation is now voluntarily recalling some of the plant materials grown in our facility. Because nothing of this sort has ever happened before inside our facility, Bonsai Cultivation is currently investigating the root of this issue - and learning from this experience.

In addition to working closely with the Denver Department of Public Health & Environment, Bonsai Cultivation has also taken immediate action to go beyond current cultivation facility standards and post-processing protocols. Bonsai Cultivation is working with Nordic Analytical Laboratories to test its facility’s strengths and potential weaknesses, updating all SOPs and conducting a top-down facility inspection for quality control purposes.

It’s important to note that this recall does not apply to any cannabis concentrates derived from plant materials grown at Bonsai Cultivation’s facility.

Bonsai Cultivation apologizes to our customers for this momentary lapse in quality control, and we look forward to earning back your trust with the best-in-class product you’ve become accustomed to."

All retail marijuana plant material or retail marijuana products bearing the OPC code 403R-00228 are subject to the recall. Bonsai Cultivation is licensed under the LLC Redwood Investment Partners.

Any consumers who have experienced symptoms of illness after smoking, vaping, or another consumption method of plant material purchased from Bonsai Cultivation are urged to contact DDPHE at phicomments@denvergov.org

"DDPHE is investigating this issue and overseeing the recall process to remove potentially contaminated products from commercial circulation," the release from DDPHE says.

According to DDPHE, 144 retail stores throughout Colorado have carried marijuana products from Bonsai Cultivation prior to Oct. 14. Here's a list of retail locations where plant material has been distributed since April 30: 

1917 Santa Fe

  • 1917 Santa Fe Dr. Pueblo, CO

2251SB LLC

  • 2251 S. Broadway Denver, CO


  • 7739 E. Colfax Ave. Denver, CO

Alchemy Food Co

  • 9782 E. Girard Ave. Denver, CO

Altitude East

  • 6858 E. Evans Ave. Denver, CO


  • 2093 Curve Plaza, Unit C-103 Steamboat Springs, CO

Blend LLC

  • 198 East Frontage Rd. Mancos, CO

Blue Heron Dispensary

  • 100 W. Main St. Unit A Oak Creek, CO

Breckenridge Organic Therapy

  • 1900 Airport Rd. Unit A Breckenridge, CO

Bud Farm

  • 385 N. Willow Mancos, CO

Buddy Boy

  • 3814 Walnut St Denver, CO

Buddy Boy

  • 4012 W. 38th Ave. Denver, CO

Buddy Boy

  • 5050 N. York St. Denver, CO

Buddy Boy

  • 2426 S. Federal Blvd. Denver, CO

Buddy Boy

  • 155 N. Federal Blvd. Denver, CO


  • 104 Cardinal Way Parachute, CO

Choice Organics

  • 813 Smithfield Dr. Units C & D Fort Collins, CO

Chronic Therapy

  • 10030 W. 27th Ave. Wheat Ridge, CO

Chronic Therapy Cortez, LLC

  • 1020 S. Broadway Ave. Cortez, CO

Clear Group Colorado

  • 5156 N. Clarkson Street, Building 2, Unit A, Denver, CO

Clearview Industries

  • 2145 W. Evans Ave. Denver, CO

Colorado Grow Company

965 1/2 Main Ave. Durango, CO

Colorado Harvest Co

  • 1178 S. Kalamath St. Denver, CO

Colorado Kindest LLC

42023 Highway 112, Del Norte, CO

Colorado Weedery

  • 125 Peach Ave. Unit C, Palisade, CO

Complete Releaf

  • 1669 Coal Creek Dr. Suite A, Lafayette, CO


  • 869 East Industrial Blvd. Pueblo West, CO


  • 206 Elm Drive, Log Lane Village, CO

Denver Clone Store

  • 755 S. Federal Blvd. Unit 4 Denver, CO

Dino Treats

  • 102 Tyrannosaurus Trail, Dinosaur, CO

Doctors Orders

  • 1406 W. 38th Ave. Denver, CO

Doctors Orders

  • 3321 S. 1-25 Pueblo, CO

Durango Organics

  • 37 County Rd. 232, Durango, CO

Durango Rec Room

  • 145 E. College Dr. Units 1-5 Durango, CO

Eclipse Cannabis Company

  • 933 Alpine Ave. Suite 2, Boulder, CO

El Jefe

  • 4260 N. Kearney St. Denver, CO


  • 1534 55th Ave. Boulder, CO

Elevated Strains

  • 9800 North 119th St. Longmont, CO

Elite Organics

  • 804 S. College Ave. Suite A Fort Collins, CO

Emerald Fields

  • 27 Manitou Ave. Manitou Springs, CO

Emerald Fields

  • 4182 E. Virginia Ave. Unit C Glendale, CO


  • 4305 N. Brighton Blvd. Denver, CO


  • 403 16th St. Suite 1 Denver, CO


  • 710 Durant Ave. Unit E-1 Aspen, CO


  • 6260 S. Gun Club Rd. Aurora, CO


  • 4343 S. Buckley Rd. Unit E Aurora, CO


  • 250 South Main St. Longmont, CO

Freedom Road

  • 514 W. Main St. Trinidad, CO

Frozen Smoke Dispensary

  • 500 W. Highway 50 Unit 103 Gunnison, CO

Golden Leaf

  • 1755 Lincoln St. Denver, Co

Green Cross Rifle

  • 1435 Airport Rd. Rifle, CO

Green Cross Silt

  • 502 Front St. Silt, CO

Green Dot Labs

  • 7077 Winchester Circle, Units C&D, Boulder, CO

Green World

  • 401 4th Ave. Fort Garland, CO

Green World Express

  • 5320 US Highway 285 Antonito, CO

Harvest House

  • 211 S. Highway 19 Nederland, CO


  • 4140 N. York St. Suite 220, Denver, CO

Herbal Wellness

  • 400 West South Boulder Rd. Suite 2700 Lafayette, CO

High Country Healing 8

  • 40801 Highway 6 Suite 5 Avon, CO


  • 2237 East Idaho Springs Rd. Idaho Springs, CO


  • 2818 Colorado Blvd. Idaho Springs, CO


  • 72399 US Highway 40 Unit B Tabernash, CO


  • 11919 Washington St. Northglenn, CO


  • 1325 South Public Road, Lafayette, CO

JVJC Holdings

  • 5194 N. Washington St. Denver, CO

JvJc Holdings

  • 105 E. 7th Ave Denver, CO

Karing Kind

  • 5854 Rawhide Court Boulder, CO


  • 4 S. Santa Fe Dr. Denver, CO

Kind Care of Colorado

  • 6617 South College Ave. Bldg. A Fort Collins, CO

La Casa Cannabis

  • 205 Main St. San Luis, CO

Laughing Grass

  • 1110 West Virginia Ave. Unit 1, Denver, CO

Live Green Cannabis

  • 2517 Sheridan Blvd. Edgewater, CO


  • 3980 N. Franklin St. Unit 101 Denver, CO


  • 1660 N. Pearl St. Denver, CO


  • 432 S. Broadway Denver, CO


  • 2863 Larimer St. Denver, CO


  • 1941 W. Evans Denver, CO


  • 2647 8th Ave. Unit B Garden City, CO


  • 900 N. College Ave. Fort Collins, CO


  • 124 Santa Fe Trail Trinidad, CO


  • 1819 E. Main St. Cortez, CO


  • 449 Railroad Ave. Mancos, CO


  • 3855 N. Oneida St Denver, CO


  • 1239 Southgate Place, Pueblo, CO


  • 2565 North Interstate 25, Pueblo, CO

Lodo Wellness Center

  • 1617 Wazee St. Unit B Denver, CO


  • 5385 Quebec St. Commerce City, CO

Lucy Sky Cannabis Boutique

  • 2394 S. Broadway Denver, CO

Lucy Sky Cannabis Boutique

  • 4444 S. Federal Blvd. Sheridan, CO

Martins Natural Medicinals

  • 216 6th St. Suite A Glenwood Springs, CO

Mary Jane's House

  • 3899 N. Quentin St. Denver, CO

Mile High Dispensary

  • 1350 S. Sheridan Blvd. Unit 1 & 2 Denver, CO

Mountain Annie’s

  • 157 Highway 550 Suite B Ridgeway, CO

Mountain Annie’s

  • 1330 Greene St. Silverton, CO

Mountain Annie’s

  • 1644 County Rd. Durango, CO

Mountain Cannabis

  • 153 US Highway 550 Unit 102 Ridgway, CO

Mountain Annie’s

  • 310 E. Main St. Cortez, CO

Natures Kiss

  • 4332 S. Broadway Englewood, CO

Natures Medicine

  • 230 West 16th St. Unit C Salida, CO

Nokhu Labs

  • 5608 South College Ave. Fort Collins, CO

Northern Lights Cannabis Co

  • 2045 Sheridan Blvd. Unit B1-B2 Denver, CO

Oasis Cannabis Superstore

  • 5440 W. 44th Ave. Denver, CO

Oasis Cannabis Superstore

  • 6359 E. Evans Ave. Denver, CO

Organa Labs

  • 2121 S. Jason St. Denver, CO

Pig N Whistle

  • 4801 W. Colfax Ave. Denver, CO

Platte Valley Dispensary

  • 2301 7th St. Suite B Denver, CO


  • 34132 Highway 285 Villa Grove, CO


  • 145 Front St. Leadville, CO

Rino Supply Co

  • 3100 Blake St. Denver, CO

Rocky Mountain Cannabis

  • 228 Byers Ave. Fraser, CO

Rocky Mountain Cannabis

  • 420 E. Brontosaurus Blvd. Dinosaur, CO

Rocky Mountain Cannabis

  • 614 Arizona Ave. Trinidad, CO

Rocky Mountain Cannabis

  • 138 East Main St. Naturita, CO

Rocky Road Thornton

  • 3901 E. 112th Ave. Unit G Thornton, CO

Rocky Road Vail

  • 40928 US Highway 6 Unit 2B Avon, CO

Silverton Green Works

  • 124 East 13th St. Unit A Silverton, CO

Solace Meds Broadway

  • 2262 S. Broadway Denver, CO

Solace Meds Colfax

  • 4615 E. Colfax Ave. Denver, CO

Solace Meds of Wheat Ridge

  • 4845 Van Gordan St. Wheat Ridge, CO

Soma Wellness Center

  • 423 Belleview Ave. Unit 1 Gunnison, CO

Soma Wellness Center

  • 500 W. Highway 50 Unit 101, Gunnison, CO

Southern Colorado Cannabis Club

  • 29577 Highway 159 Fort Garland, CO


  • 1640 E. Evans Ave. Denver, CO


  • 428 S McCulloch Blvd. Bldg. A Pueblo West, CO


  • 4305 Thatcher Ave. Pueblo, CO


  • 1451 Cortez St. Unit A Denver, CO


  • 5844 Dahlia St. Commerce City, CO


  • 9000 Federal Blvd. Unit B, Federal Heights, CO

Sticky Icky's

  • 5341 West Highway 96, Pueblo, CO

Sun house

  • 248 E. US Highway 50 Salida, CO

Sunrise Solutions

  • 43 Main St. Bailey, CO

Sweet Grass Kitchen

  • 1135 S. Jason St. Denver, CO

Tenderfoot Collective Health

  • 840 Oak St. Suites A, B & C Salida, CO


  • 91 Big Springs Dr. Nederland, CO

The Clinic Highlands

  • 3460 W. 32nd Ave. Denver, CO

The Clinic on Colfax

  • 4625 E. Colfax Ave. Denver, CO

The Clinic on Colorado

  • 2020 S. Colorado Blvd. Denver, CO

The DAB by Next Harvest

  • 2748 W. Alameda Ave. Denver, CO

The Farmers Market

  • 2070 Huron St. Denver, CO

The Giving Tree of Denver

  • 2707 W. 38th Ave. Denver, CO

The Green Solution LLC

  • 5305 Steele St. Denver, CO

The Green Stop

  • 130 Main St. Unit B Log Lane Village, CO

The Happy Camper Cannabis CO

  • 80 Rosalie Rd. Bailey, CO

The Happy Camper Cannabis Company

  • 1043 North River Rd. Palisade, CO

The Herbal Cure

  • 985 S. Logan St. Denver, CO

The Kind Castle

  • 248 E. First St. Parachute, CO

The Peaceful Choice

  • 7464 Arapahoe Ave. Unit A9, Boulder, CO

The Village City Society

  • 2043 16th Ave. Boulder, CO


  • 5005 S. Federal Blvd. Englewood, CO

Tumbleweed Carbondale

  • 304 Highway 133 Carbondale, CO

Tumbleweed DeBeque

  • 2185 45 1/2 Rd. Suite 102, DeBeque, CO

Tumbleweed Dispensary

  • 150 Columbine Court Unit 100 Parachute, CO

Tumbleweed Dispensary Edwards

  • 57 Edwards Access Rd. Unit 19 & 20 Edwards, CO

Tumbleweed Frisco

  • 842 North Summit Blvd. Suite 13 Frisco, CO

Urban Dispensary

  • 2675 W. 38th Ave. Denver, CO

Wise Cannabis CO

  • 21950 Highway 285 Fairplay, CO

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