Denver's City Council spent three hours in a closed-door meeting Tuesday trying to figure out whether or not to proceed with an investigation into allegations of sexual harassment against Mayor Michael Hancock.

A spokesperson said they'll probably decide sometime next week.

Denver Police Detective Leslie Branch-Wise says that in 2012, while she was working on the mayor's protective detail, he sent her unwanted flirtatious texts. She reached an undisclosed settlement with the city in 2013. She wants him to testify under oath.

After the allegations resurfaced last month, the mayor apologized. In an interview with 9Wants to Know at the end of February, Hancock said he regrets sending the messages and that he was probably "too casual" in their conversation.

9NEWS obtained some of the texts under an open records request and found texts complimenting her appearance and one about pole-dancing.

City Council's closed-door meeting on Thursday didn't decide much, but a spokesperson says that when a decision is made - likely sometime next week - that they'll send a letter privately to Branch-Wise and her attorney.

9NEWS has covered the allegations against Hancock extensively:

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In addition to their update on the council's deliberations, the city released an FAQ document to answer many questions surrounding the proposed investigation.

Among them:

- Only voters can remove an elected official from office, according to the city's charter

- Because the mayor and Branch-Wise came to a settlement in 2013, her legal processes are few outside of actions taken by the city council

- The city council has the authority to investigate the mayor

- The purpose of the investigation would be to determine if the sexual harassment actually occurred

- City Council, if they decide to investigate, will request a third-party group to handle the investigation

Read the full list below or at this link: