Thanksgiving is a good time to call attention to people who give to others in need.

Dr. Catherine Weng works with patients throughout the Denver area, but she also takes time to make a mission trip every year to help children in need.

In many countries, a simple birth defect can become a devastating social stigma. People do not have the financial resources or transportation to get medical care. In some of these countries, the family feels as though a curse has been placed upon them.

Courtesy: Catherine Weng
Courtesy: Catherine Weng

HUGS (Help Us Give Smiles) helps children with more than Microtia. Doctors repair cleft lips, cleft palates and other facial injuries due to burns and accidents.

The goal is to help transform lives, to restore confidence so that each child can lead a productive, fulfilling life.

In the past decade, HUGS has had an impact on thousands of families worldwide. Read about some of the many families HUGS has helped on their website: