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City of Denver announces hybrid work model for city employees

Several other cities in the metro area are also using hybrid models for some employees to return to the office.

DENVER — Denver employees who worked remotely during the COVID pandemic will return to their offices for at least two days per week starting April 4, the city said Monday.

The city plans to implement a new hybrid work model in phases over the next six months. In the phase starting April 4, most employees will return to their workplaces at least two days per week, "with some flexibility for departments/agencies based on need," the city said. 

During the next phase, tentatively set for the end of the summer, city leadership will determine when to add a third day of in-person work.

“City employees have demonstrated great resilience and productivity over the past two years, working to keep essential city services functioning during the COVID-19 pandemic,” Mayor Michael Hancock said in a release. “Now that our city is in a recovery phase and COVID-19 infection rates continue to decrease, it is time to increase in-person engagement with our residents and coworkers. My team in the mayor’s office will work in person no less than four days per week beginning immediately.”

Several other cities in the metro area are also using hybrid models for some employees.

"Many of our employees, such as those who work in public safety, deliver services that can only be performed in person," the city of Boulder said in a statement. "For other employees who are more office based, a hybrid approach to working two days in the office and three days at home per week will be our future model. This model allows our staff to connect with our community and colleagues for in-person interactions, and to perform focused work at home or in the office."

Boulder said they expect to fully implement their hybrid work policy and reopen office buildings and in-person services this spring.

The city of Lakewood said they instituted a teleworking policy in June that allows employees, with their supervisor's approval, to work up to two days a week remotely if they have a five-day work schedule, or one day a week remotely if they have a four-day work schedule. The city said there are no current plans to change that policy. 

The city of Fort Collins said they "are exploring flexible and adaptive work models, including hybrid." 

"We learned much during the pandemic, and we want to capitalize on our learnings," a Fort Collins city spokesperson said. 

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