When Dan Caprera graduated from college, he wanted to do something crazy before he looked for job. That idea involves miniature golf and a lot of driving.

"There's never really been a 50 state journey," Caprera said. "I sort of thought this would be a cool, original thing to do."

The Denver man has loved mini golf since he was kid. Caprera set out to find the so-called best mini golf course in every state and write a blog about how each one compares based on his opinion.

"Drove south to Albuquerque, then I drove to Oklahoma City, then Dallas, then all the way around America," Caprera said.

So far, he has spent the last 10 weeks driving more than 20,000 miles to 49 states including Alaska.

"One of my craziest friends drove from Seattle to Anchorage, Alaska with me," Caprera said.

He says the drive was 84 hours round trip. While most courses are pretty good, Caprera says, there have been places that made him almost quit.

"The states with a very small population density don't have really great golf courses," Caprera said. "It was rough. I'm not going to lie. It was a dark moment of the trip when I sort of questioned whether it was worth it, whether it was worth driving to every state."

Though he does not proclaim himself a mini golf expert, Caprera says he looks for the best attributes in a mini golf course like a well-maintained turf, a challenging course, and elaborate props like exploding fire.

"If it has a lot of production value, that's huge for me," Caprera said.

The last state he has to visit is the one he cannot drive to, Hawaii. Caprera leaves for the islands and his final destination on August 31.

"Spending 2-and-a-half months on the road, I really started to enjoy doing it," Caprera said. "It's gonna be weird sort of having this epic adventure come to a close."

If you want to check out his blog, click here: https://minigolfguide.wordpress.com/about/