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Here are 11 locations Denver city councilors proposed for organized homeless camps

The sites include the parking lots at the Broncos Stadium and Coors Field, as well as the Park Hill Golf Course.

DENVER — Four members of Denver’s city council have provided ideas for 11 campsites around the city that they believe could be sanctioned spaces for people experiencing homelessness.

While a majority of the sites are parking lots, the Park Hill Golf Course and Zeckendorf Plaza Park off Sixth Avenue and Lincoln also made the list.

This comes after Mayor Michael Hancock asked the city council to submit possible places for temporary campsites in their district. Four of the 13 responded: Councilmembers Amanda Sandoval, Jamie Torres, Chris Hinds and Candi CdeBaca.

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Here’s a list of the proposed sites, which could temporarily house up to 60 people:

- The parking lot of the Downtown Aquarium

- The parking lot of Riverside Baptist Church at 2401 Alcott St.

- The Denver Broncos parking lot.

- The covered parking lot at 720 Grant St.

- The parking lot at 799 Logan St.

- Zeckendorf Plaza Park at 601 Lincoln.

- The parking lot at 1221-1255 Sherman St.

- The Coors Field parking lot.

- The parking lot and land at the National Western Complex.

- The parking lots at 720 Park Ave., 2250 Stout St. and 2255 California St.

- The Park Hill golf course.

Michael Strott, a spokesperson for Hancock, said “while council members provided these, in most cases we do not believe they contacted property owners.”

“We are in the process of reviewing these from a variety of perspectives and criteria …” he wrote in an email to 9NEWS, “including: legality; neighborhood impact; equity; flooding potential; access to services, utilities and transportation; size; and cost.”

The mayor announced his support for the temporary “Safe Outdoor Spaces” campsites at the beginning of the month.

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Volunteers have since counted 664 tents at 30 different homeless encampments across the city. One of the largest is near the State Capitol building, and was the site of a deadly shooting earlier this week.

The Denver Department of Public Health and Environment said this week it is considering at least three temporary homeless encampments in the city – the first being at the Denver Coliseum, which was one of the first sites to be proposed.

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