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Denver woman headed to Poland to help refugees

Iveria Lorenz plans to help people fleeing the war in Ukraine with supplies, translation services and support.

DENVER — More than 4.4 million refugees have fled Ukraine since the start of the war more than 6 weeks ago. A lot of them are going to Poland and they need a lot of support when they get there. 

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Denver resident Iveria Lorenz is going to Poland as a volunteer in a few weeks to help those refugees.

"You know that feeling? Unstoppable? That's what I have right now," she said. "War started, I didn't realize how much it's important to me to know my roots, to see who I am."

Decades ago, her grandfather was a Ukrainian immigrant living in Poland.

"When the war started it's almost been like a sign because I always wanted to go to Poland but I never had the opportunity," said Lorenz.

Now is her opportunity, when refugees fleeing war need her most. 

"I just felt like it's something I have to do and it's the right thing to do," she said. "The people I'm talking to, they say [there's] volunteer opportunity everywhere."  

She speaks Russian and English. She can also understand Ukrainian. 

"Being that connecting chain, connecting them, helping them to understand each other, you know?" said Lorenz.

She hopes to help with translating, getting supplies and going wherever she might be needed. 

"If she needs something, I'll bring it over. If I have to go shopping, I'll go do that," said Lorenz. "June, July I want to go back again but with more people."

She'll be gone a few weeks, but is already planning to bring a group of volunteers with her for the next trip. 

"The war is really big tragedy and it's really hard but there is hope," said Lorenz. "Somebody made a comment that said if you're going to go and volunteer with Ukrainian, it might change you forever. I hope so, if I'm going to get better."

Lorenz also has a GoFundMe page set up to support her relief efforts in Poland.

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