DENVER - As the Denver City Council figures out a plan for how the city should move forward with Ordinance 300, businesses are expressing interest in applying for a social permit so customers can use marijuana.

The Rhythm Revolution, a music based yoga and spinning studio on Colfax Avenue is thinking about applying for a permit.

The studio believes enhancing the senses can boost work outs. The unique concept was implemented by the owner Jasmine Anderson. Her studio is unlike many others you'll find in the Denver metro area.

"We really want to cultivate an experience that people haven't had yet," she said.

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Adding marijuana to the workout would create the unique experience, according to Anderson. While she is still skeptical and worried about drawbacks, the owner says she is considering applying for a social use permit so her customers can use marijuana during the workout.

"When we talk about tapping into the senses, using cannabis as an extra add on could potentially heighten the sensory experience," Anderson says, "I'm absolutely a supporter of that."

There are still many questions about how Ordinance 300 will work in businesses. While the city figures that out, Anderson won't make decisions.

Ordinance 300 was too close to call for a week after the election. Unlike what was written on the ballot, bars and restaurants will not be able to apply for a permit.