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Denver's second social marijuana consumption business closes weeks after opening

Vape and Play had a soft opening in late January. A little less than a month later, the company issued a statement claiming the business was for sale and temporarily closed.

DENVER — Vape and Play, the second business to secure a license from the city of Denver for social marijuana consumption, is temporarily closed and for sale, according to a statement from the business' chief operating officer.

"Vape and Play is temporarily closed and is now for sale. We look forward to Vape and Play opening again to the public soon," COO Megan Lumpkins wrote in a statement. She declined to answer any further questions, only referring to the two-sentence statement.

Vape and Play was the third business to apply for a license and the second to secure one. The first business, the Coffee Joint, remains open.

The second business to apply, Utopia Wellness Spa & Lounge, was denied a license, with the city's excise and licensing department finding the location was 19 feet too close to a child care center. 

Though Lumpkins said the business was for sale, Eric Escudero, a spokesman for Denver Excise and Licensing, said the business' license is non-transferable, meaning a new owner would have to re-apply for a license. 

Vape and Play's other owner, Taylor Rosean, has not responded to a request for comment.

At its meeting Monday night, Denver City Council is due to vote on whether or not to lift the sunset period on the social consumption program which is set to expire in December 2020.

Steve Staeger is a reporter for Next with Kyle Clark. He also anchors 9News Weekend Mornings. Contact Steve by e-mailing steve@9news.com or calling 303-871-1825.

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