GRAND JUNCTION — The bear killed by wildlife officers is the same bear responsible for attacking a young girl at her home in East Orchard Mesa Colorado Parks and Wildlife said Wednesday.

The conclusion is based on DNA evidence. The animal, described as a two-year-old male, cinnamon-colored black bear, weighed 150 pounds. The necropsy revealed the bear was in good body condition with no signs of diseases. A test for Rabies came back negative.

Earlier, CPW said the victim, Kimberly Cyr, had gone outside to investigate noises in the yard she may have thought was her dog around 2:30 a.m. Sunday. Her mother went outside when she heard screaming a release said. That's when she reportedly saw a large black bear dragging her daughter. She told CPW officers the bear dropped the girl after she began screaming at the animal.

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Wildlife officers killed the bear Sunday evening in the yard of a residence located about a half-mile away from where the girl was attacked that morning. Before killing the bear, two officers said the bear came within a few feet of their vehicle and looked into the open window as they monitored a nearby bear trap.

Personnel with the USDA's Wildlife Services searched the area with hounds early Tuesday morning and found no evidence of recent bear activity. As a result, wildlife officers will pull all three traps that have been in place since the evening of the attack.

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'Black bear' is the name of the species and does not describe their color. They can be cinnamon, or honey-colored, brown, blond or black. Black bear is the only bear species in Colorado.

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