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DPD chief: Smoke your pot at home on 4/20

Gatherings such as the annual 4/20 festival are prohibited during the COVID-19 pandemic.

DENVER — Denver's chief of police is urging marijuana enthusiasts to stay home on 4/20, a day normally celebrated on April 20 with a large festival at Civic Center Park.

In a video shared on the Denver Police Department's Twitter and Facebook accounts, Chief Paul Pazen teams up with Denver 4/20 event founder Miguel Lopez to tell citizens not to go out to celebrate the day because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Pazen cites stay-at-home orders and notes that Civic Center Park is closed for community safety.

"If you want to celebrate, we'd ask that you find alternatives to coming downtown and celebrating," Pazen said.

"In order for us to survive, we must look out for our own self-preservation and stay home," Lopez added.

A tweet from the City and County of Denver urged pot users to "celebrate 4/20 from the best place to be high -- your couch!" and to enjoy virtual smoke circles or binge-watching TV from home.

The event draws thousands to Civic Center Park every year, with participants smoking marijuana and enjoying food and live music.

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