A Denver police officer who was shot while confronting a burglary suspect earlier this year is sharing her account of what happened that day.

"It was very clear to me that his intention was to kill me to get away," said Officer Rachel Eid in a video posted on the Denver Police Facebook page. "There was no doubt in my mind, it was 100% aggressive attack mode he was in."

Officer Eid was shot in the lower leg near her ankle on February 22.

It all started at around 1:25 p.m., when Officer Eid and her partner responded to a burglary call near the intersection of West 37th Avenue and Grove Street.

"It was a right around the corner from where were at, so we were the first ones to show on up the scene," Eid said.

They noticed two men acting suspicious in an alley.

"We pulled down the alley and were going to stop them. We pulled up right behind them jumped out of the car the guy on the right takes off running," said Eid.

Her partner took the man who stayed into custody, while she chased after the other.

"As soon as he saw me I could tell it was different," Eid said. "His face changed, his posture changed, he puffed up and he just locked eyes with me and kind of made a beeline right at me. I remember looking at his eyes for a second and then looked down and saw oh, he has a gun in his right hand. Right then it was like game changed."

Officer Eid says it was clear he was willing to kill her in order to escape.

"A lot of stuff races through your head, but that was it. I have to get him before he gets me."

She says she ran at the man and they exchanged gunfire.

"At some point one of his rounds got me in my left ankle."

Despite the injury she was able to run to cover behind a nearby vehicle. At that point she says another officer showed up and the suspect took off in another direction. He carjacked a woman and drove off still firing at officers.

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The suspect was eventually shot and killed by another officer. Police say both suspects were on parole and ankle monitors tied them to a number of burglaries.

"Police officers, we all know that it can end in a second, and I know because of my partners I will go home at the end of every day," said Eid.

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