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Denver Police warns of caller ID scam involving identity fraud

DPD advises to hang up and call the police department directly if you suspect any fraudulent activity.

DENVER — Have you recently received a call from the Denver Police Department (DPD) asking about identity theft?

You could have been targeted by a scammer.

In a Facebook post, DPD said scammers will use services to spoof caller IDs to resemble the numbers of legitimate organizations or companies. 

The police department refers to one incident where a victim was contacted and the number the caller ID displayed was of the Denver Police District 1 Station. 

The caller told the victim they were investigating an identity theft incident, DPD said. The caller then asked where the victim banked and how much money she had in her account. After answering the questions, the caller soon ended the call. 

DPD said the victim then called the police station and learned that no such case existed and the call was likely a scam. 

DPD advises to not provide personal information over the phone and warns that they won't contact the public regarding arrest warrants or if you are a suspect in a case. 

If you receive a call from one of their police stations asking for private information like banking or credit card information or social security numbers, DPD said you should hang up and contact the police department immediately. 

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