Colorado Parks and Wildlife officials say they had no choice but to kill a bull elk that injured two women in Estes Park Thursday morning.

The same elk had a history of aggressive behavior and was tagged last year, according to CPW.

Cynthia Thate was hiking on Thursday and walked through Performance Park, which is near downtown Estes Park. Near the bridge, she captured cell phone video of a bull elk behaving aggressively towards a city employee, who used a trash can as a barrier between him and the animal.

"He was trying to keep that between them but it was pretty close," Thate said. "He could have stabbed him pretty well."

The bull elk was eventually chased away by a bystander who threw a rock at the animal. The same elk had scary encounters with two women right after Thate's video was shot. Both women were hospitalized due to their injuries, but are expected to survive.

Thate called an ambulance for one of the victims, a jogger who was running near Performance Park.

"I asked her if she was okay and she said no, that elk just attacked me," Thate said. "She tried to go around them to continue with her job but I guess she got too close and the bull elk did ram her.

The jogger was bleeding from the nose and had sustained injuries to her hip, too.

"I said where did he get you? She showed me her right hip," she said. "She lifted up her shirt and you could see a little gash maybe three to four inches."

The elk knocked another woman down in the same area, officials said, adding that both women did not seem to do anything to provoke the animal.

Experts fear, we could see more of these alarming interactions if people aren't careful.

More people seem to be inching closer and closer to elk in Estes Park, Thate said. While running into herds can be exciting, her video is proof that's not always the case.

"It was a pretty exciting day that luckily, ended well because nobody was killed," she said.

Officials say, both women have been released from the hospital.