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Family remembers daughter killed in triple homicide

Marisol Espindola could light up a room and was set to graduate high school early, according to her family.

AURORA, Colo. — Robert Espindola spoke to his daughter Marisol Espindola every night around 8. He said she texted him on Friday asking if he had time to talk but he couldn't pick up the call because he was in the movies. He told Marisol he'd call her Saturday, but never got that chance.

"She is one of those ones that can walk in a room and make a complete stranger smile," Robert Espindola said as he described his daughter. "She does not have one bone in her body that is like hatred."

Marisol, 18, was found dead along with Estancia Martinez, 41, and Kaden Casteneda, 18, inside a home in the 1500-block of South Evanston Street in Aurora around 7 p.m. Saturday. 

Police arrested 21-year-old Christopher Martinez in connection with the triple homicide. He's accused of killing Marisol, who is his half-sister, Martinez, who is his mother, and his half-brother Kaden Casteneda, 18.

Robert Espindola said the name Marisol stands for the sea and the sun. It's a name he felt was fitting for his daughter's personality.

"Talk about a person who can brighten a day," he said.

Marisol Espindola was preparing to graduate high school this month. She had dreams of working with animals and loved going to car shows with her family. 

Marisol Espindola was Robert's only daughter. Her three brothers are trying to stay strong. Family from Colorado and out of state filled the family's kitchen table on Tuesday night hoping to provide some comfort. 

"If you had a bad day she would come up to you and give you a hug, tell you you'll be OK," said her older brother Robert Espindola Jr. 

"I just don't have a bad memory with her," said her younger brother Antonio Espindola. "There was always good times with her."

According to an arrest affidavit from the Aurora Police Department, Christopher Martinez told police that when he got off work on Friday evening, he picked up Casteneda and they went to the home on South Evanston Street.

The family had recently moved from Colorado Springs to the new home, the affidavit says. 

Christopher Martinez told officers he and Casteneda were drinking tequila and smoking marijuana. The affidavit says Christopher Martinez claimed that at around 1 or 1:30 a.m. Saturday, he left the house to drive to the family's old apartment in Colorado Springs to do laundry.

His grandmother told police he called her at around that same time and said that he had a dream "his mom, his sister and Kaden were all dead," according to the affidavit. She told him it was just a dream and to go back to sleep. 

The affidavit says he went on to tell her that he blacked out from drinking, and stabbed, or shot his family.

Robert Espindola said he has known Christopher Martinez since he was a boy and never imagine something like this might happen.

"I didn't think he would grow into something, do something that he did," said Robert Espindola. 

He said that Marisol had a calming effect on Christopher.

"How could you take someone who is your peace? It is the most baffling thing ever," Robert Espindola said. "I am very angry. I am angry. Of course, I am sad. I am upset. Confused. But the anger in me is like raged."

Time at home feels different. They hoped Marisol Espindola had more years to shine.

"She was my spoiled baby girl," said Robert Espindola."Daddy’s girl for sure."



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