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Father-son business in Weld County gains viral following on TikTok

Millions of people have virtually visited their shop online.

WELD COUNTY, Colo. — On an 80-acre farm, in Weld County, there's a small, family-owned business called Jim's Automotive Machine Shop.

The business may be out in the middle of nowhere but has a huge following on the social media app, TikTok. Six hundred thousand followers to be exact. 

"People told me I was crazy 20 years ago when I moved the business out here, that no one would come see me," said Jimmie Wolfrum. 

For two decades, Jimmie has been proving the haters wrong.

"I haven't had a slow day, yet," he said. 

But he never thought in the 40 years he's been in business, he'd be seen quite like this.

"It is kind of crazy how many people have seen the inside of our shop," said Nicolaus. 

Thousands of people have virtually been to Jimmie's shop that he co-owns with his son, Nicolaus.

"They're like, 'I've never done this in my life, but your videos are addicting,'" said Nicolaus. 

That's thanks to his thousands of followers on TikTok. 

More than 150 million Americans are using TikTok, according to the app's CEO.

But, a growing number of governments are banning it, concerned about cybersecurity.

"You can just reach such a wide audience of people who didn't even know they were interested in what your businesses does until they start watching it," he said. 


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Half a million people follow their TikTok channel, watching as the father-son duo expertly repair engines.

"For me it started out mostly as fun, but then I realized like oh there's a market for this and people really enjoy this," said Nicolaus. 

But, there's been talk coming from Congress, about banning TikTok.

"The people who are making the decisions about it, don't understand it," he said. "To me it's a freedom of speech thing, it's being able to express yourself on a platform like that."

Their shop doesn't rely on the app to bring in customers.

"I genuinely believe that TikTok is the best form of marketing there is," he said. "And it's free. It's absolutely free."


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Nicolaus sees a lot of small business owners that do. 

"A lot of the businesses who mainly have a presence on TikTok, I'm very worried for them," he said. 

Dad wasn't always on board.

"I always made the comment about you're chasing pennies and tripping over the dollars," said Jimmie.

"He was getting frustrated that I would take all the time to set up a camera just to make a dollar or two a day," said Nicolaus.

In total, Nicolaus has made around $4,000 from the app.

"I have 8 million likes on my videos," he said. "I have countless videos that have over a million views and the pay there just isn't that great."

Being 'TikTok famous' is what allowed him to successfully expand to other platforms that he says pay a lot better, like YouTube and Instagram.

"This can be a second stream of income for the business," said Nicolaus.

"It still amazes me, that I just can't believe that many people want to watch what we do," said Jimmie.


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Just like their followers online, Jimmie can't get enough of his son's videos.

"Every time he has a new one out, I'm the first one in line to try and watch that video," he said. 

Videos that reach far beyond an unassuming shop few have seen in-person, but hundreds of thousands have visited.

"I want to teach him everything I know so he doesn't make the same mistakes. But instead, I end up learning from him," said Jimmie.

Nicolaus has been posting videos to their TikTok channel for more than three years and their following continues to grow. 


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