KUSA — An 87-year-old woman who volunteers at Sky Ridge Medical Center says the reason she gives back to others is because it keeps her young.

“It exercises the brain and body,” laughed Sue Heinz.

Heinz has been volunteering at Sky Ridge for fifteen years. She started helping out when her son got a job there. She had experience volunteering at her children’s schools as they grew up, so the work came easily to her.

“He came out here to be head of the emergency room, and I just said, 'do you mind if I volunteer here? I’ll stay out of your hair,' Heinz said. "And he said, 'That’s what you’ve done all your life, why stop?' So here I am.”

Heinz does everything from checking out the coffee makers in the waiting room to helping medical staff and giving people directions when they arrive at the hospital.

She said it keeps her on her toes because at least once a week, she gets a question she’s never received before.

“It’s just a way of life and a way for me to pay back for everything we’ve received over the years. The Lord’s been very good to our family,” Heinz said.