Sonrisa McDonald’s mom was evacuated from her home when the Spring Fire got too close. That's the fire that burned just west of Fort Garland this summer - gobbling up 100 homes and scorching over 100,000 acres.

That did not stop her from offering free meals from her Fort Garland restaurant for the next two weeks.

“And so that inspired me to do something for them as well,” said McDonald, a taproom manager at Woods Boss Brewing Company in Denver.

For every beer people drank at the brewery on Sunday afternoon, $1 was donated to the victims of the Spring Fire.

“One-hundred-and-forty-five houses burned down, and another 120 houses that had some sort of fire damage to them as well as several people that were displaced from their homes and still are without places to live and without insurance,” said McDonald to the patrons at the bar.

She said she hopes to raise several thousand dollars for the people who lost everything and said if they don’t raise it on Sunday, they’ll have another fundraiser.

“It’s such a small community that they don’t have much,” she said.

Sonrisa said she is talking with a Fort Garland church to learn where the money can help the most. She added that you can stop by the brewery anytime to donate.