LOVELAND — Two turkeys, some cattle, a few dogs, ducks, and horses, but what makes Barnyard Buddies in Loveland so unique are the more than 90 fainting goats.

That's right. Fainting goats. Goats that faint.

"It's called myotonia congenita," owner Janet Farkas explained. "If they get scared, startled, excited, overly anxious, their muscles will stiffen up, and they can't hold their balance."

They'll tip over, but they don't lose consciousness. It would be bad news out in the wild. But in Loveland, at Barnyard Buddies, the goats are safe when they get overwhelmed and fall.

"If they're eating hay and they faint, they'll just lay on the ground and chew the hay. Takes them about ten seconds to recover, they get up, and they're just fine."

Farkas has been raising fainting goats for more than a decade.

She picked this rare breed specifically because of their docile behavior and the general ease in care. They are smaller than regular goats, can be house trained, learn their names, and love to be held.

"They each have their very own personality. They're as different as your children."

Until someone takes one home as a pet, they live with Farkas in Loveland. When they're not eating or running around the pasture, they even participate in goat yoga.

They're for sale, or Barnyard Buddies allows free visits to their ranch. They do accept donations.

If you're interested in buying one or want to visit their website.