One hundred and thirty-eight law enforcement officers have died in the line of duty in the U.S. in 2016.

One of those was Virginia State Police Trooper Chad Dermyer. He was shot and killed at a bus station in March, leaving behind a family.

“He had such a great personality he could walk up to anybody and spark up a conversation. And just become friends with them,” his father John Dermyer said.

In our busy lives, in the rush to get from point A to B, we forget to thank the Chad Dermyer's of the world. Sometimes, in that rush hour, all we need is a quick second to remember the sacrifice.

“I was driving home from work and I saw a billboard and I thought, you know, I can get the message out and thank the police a lot better than I can taking five or six officers in lunch,” John said.

And so he did. John called Lamar advertising. They created a thank you message running now in Kansas, Missouri, Georgia, Virginia and on South Colorado Boulevard in Denver. Lamar did it for free.

“In all honesty I'm not looking for everybody to get something out of this. I am looking for police officers to get a sincere thank you and appreciation for what they do every day,” said John.

He did it to let those who sacrifice, those who aren't always certain they're coming home, know that they are greatly appreciated.

“What would we do without them? I can't imagine what this country would be like without them.”