KREMMLING - The mountain town of Kremmling has always been a sportsman’s paradise.

There’s a sign that says so when you drive in. It’s a place hunters like Mike Hogg and his son come to every year,.

“We’re hunting about 30 minutes north of here,” Hogg said.

Hunters often spend their time looking for wild game, but over the past few years people have been noticing some wild art work around town. It’s part of a creative culture cultivating in Kremmling.

From a UFO crashing on a rooftop of one building, to several sculptures standing down Main Street, the old hunting town is becoming a hot spot for artist like Lorna Babcock.

“It’s a little secrete a gem,” Babcock said. “We’re turning some heads, it’s neat.”

A group of artists including Adolf Zimmerman are making their mark on Kremmling by taking an old hotel set to be torn down and turning it into an artisan’s village.

“We’re more of an eclectic group of artisans,” Zimmerman said.

In that old hotel there are several galleries selling everything from dragons and skulls to paintings and jewelry.

It’s usually staffed every day except for Tuesday and Wednesday, and often hunters stop in hunting for art.

“We have seen an increase in people from year to year,” Zimmerman said.

It’s something these artist love seeing. All they want is for people to stop by and see the many faces of Kremmling.