It’s always hard to say goodbye to someone you love. But that’s life, and that’s our life today. Yet in this case, it’s a good thing!

A longtime member of the 9NEWS Morning Show family will finally be getting to spend more time with his family. And he will be able to sleep in. But we will miss Scott Wright more than he knows.

Scott has been at 9NEWS, well forever I think. Seems like it anyway. And all that time, whenever you asked "How you doing?", the response was the same: "I'm still having fun."

That's what made it so special to work with him, to know him, to laugh with him. He's always having fun.

Scott is a terrific photojournalist. He’s shot thousands of stories for TV, covered stories big and small. He’s covered Super Bowls, Olympics and political conventions. He’s shot more fires and shootings and spot news stories than anyone should have to. He’s done live shots in 100 mile-an-hour wind storms, and stood for hours in more blizzards than I can count. And through it all, he’s always smiled and said: “I’m still having fun."

Scott was also our helicopter photographer for many years, after doing the same at KMGH. He’s stood on the side of the chopper, and taken some of the most dramatic pictures we’ve ever shown. He’s a true professional, in every sense of the word.

Scott Wright is not only our co-worker on the morning show, he is our friend. He's a big part of the 9NEWS family. But now he's decided to retire - so he can play with his grandkids, and of course spend more time playing banjo. Did I mention he loves playing banjo ... and he's really good at it. Another famous banjo player Steve Martin once said, "The banjo is such a happy instrument - you can't play a sad song on the banjo." And I have no doubt that's why Scott Wright loves it - just ask him.

And I'm sure he'll say "I'm still having fun."

Have a wonderful retirement Scotty.