When people talk about being an outstanding community member, they are talking about Boogie Weinglass.

According to Aspen Fire Chief Rick Balentine, he wasn't on a fundraising mission when he spoke at a luncheon last week. Balentine was just talking about how people can protect their homes and then someone asked what his department needs right now.

Naturally, Balentine answered. He told the person that his department could use a new wildland fire truck that could easily get up mountain roads.

It was Boogie Weinglass, of course, who asked the question. And then he offered up $100,000. When firefighters were able to find a truck for $126,000, Boogie Weinglass ponied up all the dough needed to get it.

Balentine was surprised.

"I try to keep my emotions and my feelings close to my vest," the chief said, "but quite honestly, when I went out to my car, I teared up a little bit. He's one of those guys who always wants to help his community. He puts his money where his mouth is."

Boogie Weinglass, well, he's pleased.

"Proud I did that," he told 9NEWS. "I didn't know it would make me a hero. I just did it because that's what the city needed."

He goes on:

"It's nice to be important, but it's more important to be nice. I've always had that motto."

So true, Boogie Weinglass. So very true. But what made him ask that question at the meeting?

"One thing led to the next - found out they needed a new fire truck," Boogie Weinglass explained. "[The old one was] on its last wheels - 20 years old. Pledged 100-K. Found out the real cost. Gave [Balentine] a check the next day."

Boogie Weinglass also told 9NEWS he was inspired after the Lake Christine fire burned three homes near El Jebel and Basalt, adding that the fire was 100 yards away from his daughter's home. Said he was grateful the firefighters were able to save it and many other homes.

Also, Boogie Weinglass said he won his name in a dance competition if you were wondering.