Since the debut in April of Officer Buttersworth, Fort Collins Police's first "Patrol Cat," the department says cat cop hopefuls have been showing up looking to join the elite squad.

Fort Collins Police Services shared one of the hopefuls on their Facebook page Friday.

The candidate showed some of the traits the department looks for in a new officer: quick speed, impressive initiative and good fitness.

His athleticism even took him up a nearby tree. Despite some hesitation, the prospective officer was able to make it down safely.

However, the "calico clawfficer" failed to leave his name and résumé.

Luckily an eagle-eyed guardian recognized the feisty feline.

Police Candidate Breck.

Fort Collins Police writes that Breck has a bright future in "claw enforcement."

"Okay, okay, we’re just kitten you… this is fake mews 😸 Happy Friday, Fort Collins!" writes Fort Collins Police Services.