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Fundraiser supports survivors of the Aurora theater shooting

This week, Colorado marks nine years since the Aurora theater shooting.

AURORA, Colo. — This week, Colorado marks nine years since the Aurora theater shooting. The community still puts on a fundraiser at the memorial garden - something they couldn't do last year because of the pandemic. 

All proceeds from the Reflection Garden on Tap fundraiser help with the cost of memorial maintenance and support a mission to advocate for the long-term healing of survivors and communities impacted by mass tragedy, according to the 7/20 Memorial Foundation. The foundation is made up of victims' family members and survivors of the Aurora theater shooting. 

This was the fifth year for the event. There were breweries, a food truck and musical entertainment. 

Joshua Nowlan, a survivor of the shooting, volunteered at the fundraiser for the first time on Saturday. He went to the theater with a couple and was shot two times. A few years ago, he had to amputate one of his legs. 

"We used our bodies to protect his wife," said Nowlan. "And we were hunkered behind the seats, once in the leg and once in the arm."

On Saturday, he served beers with one of the breweries to raise money so other survivors can get the help they need. 

"It is not as easy for some people so we want to make sure we help out those people that are in need," he said. 

A group of artists worked on chalk art to honor first responders. Randy Segura and his friends used their love of art to show a community they still remember. 

"To never forget and to remind people they need our support," he said.