KUSA – George Brauchler, the current 18th Judicial District attorney and a hopeful for Colorado attorney general, is nursing a broken pinkie after he was hit by a car while riding his bike Tuesday morning.

“At the end of the day, I’m just lucky that the injuries that I have aren’t worse,” he said.

Brauchler said the driver who hit him was looking left as she was turning right, and he rolled over the hood of the car somewhere in the area of Lincoln Avenue and Lone Tree Parkway.

The woman was cited, according to Brauchler, and since it was a municipal ticket, his office wouldn’t be the one responsible for the prosecution. Otherwise, Brauchler said he’d have to hire a special prosecutor.

“I feel bad for her, too,” Brauchler said. “As I was hobbling around, waiting to go to the hospital, she seemed very, very emotional and I told her, ‘look, these kinds of things happen, don’t let this sit on your heart. This isn’t about you being a bad person, it’s a bad decision and everybody’s been there one way or another.

“’I think I’m going to be OK.’”

Brauchler said the injuries are on his shoulder, his leg and of course his pinkie.

“I have injured the most manly appendage you can injure,” Brauchler joked.

Brauchler said he tries to ride his bike a few mornings a week and has learned a few lessons from Tuesday’s ordeal. The first, it really is so important to wear a helmet. And second?

“I was going to make this a longer ride, go down Lincoln before I was going to cut back, and I think I’ve learned my lesson: never go west of I-25,” Brauchler said. “No, I’m kidding.”