Passengers say a train car at the popular Georgetown Loop Railroad attraction tipped over around 4 p.m. on Tuesday.

Erin Doty took her parents, husband, and two kids for the ride with Santa. She says the trouble started just after the ride began.

“It was less than a minute into the ride, the train started, after all of the bumpiness which got progressively worse, the train started tipping back and forth, back and forth. All of the passengers in there started shuffling around, started to get really concerned,” Doty said. “And then the train literally flipped on its side. All of the passengers who were on one side of the train sitting down slid all the way on the other side of the train.”

Doty says her father, 69, went to urgent care with neck, back and hip pain. She didn't see anyone else with injuries.

“We were just trying to help people get up. We were so confused as to what was happening. Glass was breaking, shattering. People were crying, the kids were so scared. And then finally somebody came through the door making sure everybody was OK,” Doty said.

9NEWS attempted to get a comment from the Georgetown Loop Railroad but reached them after hours and haven't heard back.

Town Marshal Randy Williams called the incident “a minor malfunction” and said that no equipment flipped over. He also said there were no injuries despite the account from the passengers who spoke with 9NEWS.