Denver’s first board gaming pub and café is set to open this weekend. It's called Board Game Republic.

It's a pub that allows you to socialize with friends and family, sip on Colorado craft beer or a cocktail of your choosing and... get your monopoly on.

Board Game Republic is located at 900 West First Avenue.

The grand opening takes place this weekend. You can check it out for yourself Saturday starting at 10 a.m. to midnight and Sunday from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m.

“Board game republic is Denver’s premier place to get your game on," owner and operator Keith Meyers said.

They have a full menu, full bar – and over 650 board games to choose from. With a large variety to choose from, there’s bound to be something in there for everyone.

“We’ve seen everybody – women’s groups, a lot of families, a lot of people coming after work,” said Meyers. “Yesterday we had a work-group that was in here doing a little team building”.

If you’re not a huge gamer – the workers are all gaming experts.

“We refer to our servers as ‘play-pros’. They will give you full table service with your food and drink, but they’re also experts in many, many games,” said Meyers.

From the library of 650 board games, each play-pro knows at least 100 to 150 of them. Myers, himself, says he knows at least 250 to 300 of them.

“So if you need a recommendation or clarification on rules, there’s a good chance we’re there and can help you get your game straightened out,” said Meyers.

There is a $5 gaming fee per person. This gives you full access to the library and to the play-pros. After paying five bucks, you can stay for as long as you’d like.

“We really don’t mind if you stay because it’s all about getting games to the table and bringing people to the table with you,” said Meyers.

In the digital era – it’s a great opportunity to put your phones down and spend time with the people around you.

Their website states, “It’s the perfect place to Sit Down, Unplug, and Reconnect”.

“For us it’s really about bringing people together. Unifying as best we can through board games and board games are fun – ultimately they’re fun,” said Meyers. “So it’s not too painful to improve the community through board games”.